WINDCRANE | Wind Speed Anemometer

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The WINDCRANE anemometer is a rugged, high-accuracy wind speed sensor for use with the WINDCRANE wind monitoring system.

It is easy to install and provides reliable, accurate wind readings.

The sensor is supplied with mounting hardware (mount pole and clamp) for easy installation on a tubular pole or stub mast.

Connection to the WINDCRANE logger unit is via tough, abrasion-resistant shielded cable with rugged weatherproof M12 industrial connectors.

Calibrated Anemometer optional - This means that the anemometer is guaranteed to have an accuracy better than 1% and a resolution better than 0.1m/s and comes with a specific and unique calibration certificate from a recognised laboratory.

WINDCRANE Q20 Anemometer-Tech Specs

WINDCRANE S20 Anemometer-Tech Specs

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