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  • The new LeWL WindLogger has been manufactured since 2008. We have sold thousands of these little wind data loggers all over the world and they have an excellent reputation for their stability, accuracy and endurance.

    - This version has also the option to measure rain if a rain collector is used with it. You can use the typical setup of one anemometer, one windvane and then a rain collector, all at once. When ordering make sure to indicate you need the WINDLogger Rain version.

    The new WindLogger has been re-designed with major enhancements, thanks to the small wind enthusiastic community. We have listened to their feedback and have made several improvements: Simpler than ever installation, just plug the Pro-D anemometer into the internal 6P4C connector. If you use any other type of anemometer, that is ok too. You can connect it directly to its internal sensor input connection block. Automatic anemometer detection system. The new WindLogger will let you know if there's an anemometer connected and working before leaving site.

    Option for external temperature probe

    Built-in battery monitor

    Outstanding battery life up to 1 year at 1 minute logging interval or 2 years at 10 minutes intervals

    Designed in Scotland : Manufactured in the UK


  • Specifications
    - Record wind speeds from up to 2 anemometers simultaneously - Average wind speed, gust wind speed and standard deviation (turbulence) and wind direction
    - Input for external temperature probe
    - Up to 1 year of battery life recording 1 minute data or up to 3 years battery life recording in 10 minutes intervals. (10 seconds available for testing purposes)>- Time-stamped data recorded to microSD card in standard CSV format for import into Excel or wind analysis software. Includes all sensor values, plus battery status.- Simple analysis tools included. (excel template for your manipulation or Java app)
    - Fully weatherproof IP65 rated enclosure

    SD card memory storage
    - Files in standard CSV ASCII format, archived into monthly files
    - Records average, standard deviation and maximum values
    - Data recorded with date and time stamp
    - microSD flash card FAT32  
    Four sensor inputs 
    - Log two anemometers at once (2 digital inputs)- Supports dry contact (volt-free) switch, Hall effect switch, open collector or 3V logic level signal Wind speed input
    - Potentiometer type wind direction sensor, 1k - 20k ohms.
    - Support for external temperature sensor
    Serial port to interface with PC
    - RS232 compatible for reading values while logging data 
    - Setup menu via serial port or via SD card 
    - 4800bps 
    - Custom sensor factor setup via RS232

    Mechanical information
    - Operating Temperature -40*C to + 70*C (check with us first for extreme weather applications)
    - Sealed IP65 enclosure with gland for sensor wires
    - Dimensions: 160x80x55mm 
    - Weight: 450gm including batteries

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Q: Can this wind logger measure temperature too?

A: Yes, it comes pre-configured to use this temperature probe: https://www.windlogger.eu/collections/sensors/products/temperature-thermistor We also recommend using a solar radiation shield if you intend to use the temperature probe under direct Sun light: https://www.windlogger.eu/products/radiation-shield-for-sensors

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