New WindTracker with anemometer

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  • This kit utilises the new WindTracker and wind speed sensor. This kit is the simplest yet effective way to accurately measure the potential of your site for a small wind turbine.

    This kit brings all the key features from a professional wind monitoring system but at an entry level price. The kit comes with:

     • new WindTracker
     • 1 x Vortex anemometer with 10m of sensor cable
     • Quick guide installation
     • Industrial grade batteries and industrial grade microSD card.
    If you need more technical specifications about the new WindTracker and sensors, just follow the links above. For generic F.A.Q, click here.

  • Download quick installation guide here and for more information see F.A.Q. WindTracker and videos on how to use it.

    - Please note that there's a previous version of the WindTracker which we have limited stock only. 

    • WindTracker microSD card memory storage: Files in standard text format, archived into a single file. (Records total average wind speed, frequency distribution and wind rose) 
    • One anemometer and wind vane input: Measure wind speed and direction at the same time - Supports dry contact switch, hall effect switch or TTL level signal Wind direction input - Potentiometer type wind direction sensor - 16 bins wind direction (1 analogue input) 
    • Extremely Energy efficient: 2 x C type industrial grade alkaline batteries 1.5v - Up to 11 years of battery life (without memory card)
    • Mechanical information: OTR: -40*C to + 70*C (check with us first for extreme weather applications)
    • Sealed IP65 enclosure with cable gland for sensor wires 
    • Dimensions: 160x80x55mm 
    • Weight: 450gm including batteries 
    • Designed and assembled in Scotland

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